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Documents and Forms

Discipline Process Flow Charts

There are two processes for addressing an alleged violation of University policy: one for matters involving academic dishonesty and a second for all other violations. The following flow charts outline the process for each situation:

  • Academic Integrity Violations (PDF)
    This flow chart outlines the University's process for addressing policy violations involving academic dishonesty.
  • Non-Academic Violations (PDF)
    This flow chart outlines the process for violations of University policy that are related to student conduct and are non-academic in nature.


As cases with Student Judicial Services are highly confidential, you will need to fill out one of the following forms to allow others to have access to the information in your case. We may request further information to verify your identity, if necessary.

  • Authorization and Release
    If you would like to give Student Judicial Services permission to discuss your case with anyone else, such as a parent, attorney, or friend, you will need to complete and submit this form.
  • Request for Copy of a Case Document
    If you would like to request a copy of a document used in your case, (i.e. referral information, administrative disposition, and/or decision letter), you will need to complete and submit this form.

Annual Reports of Disciplinary Cases

The following reports contain detailed information on referrals to Student Judicial Services and related demographic data concerning alleged violations of University policy committed during each academic year:

If you are unable to open the pdfs above download Adobe Acrobat Reader.