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Academic Integrity

A fundamental principle for any educational institution, academic integrity is highly valued and seriously regarded at The University of Texas at Austin. More specifically, you and other students are expected to maintain absolute integrity and a high standard of individual honor in scholastic work undertaken at the University. This is a very basic expectation that is further reinforced by the University's Honor Code. At a minimum, you should complete any assignments, exams, and other scholastic endeavors with the utmost honesty, which requires you to:

  • acknowledge the contributions of other sources to your scholastic efforts;
  • complete your assignments independently unless expressly authorized to seek or obtain assistance in preparing them;
  • follow instructions for assignments and exams, and observe the standards of your academic discipline; and
  • avoid engaging in any form of academic dishonesty on behalf of yourself or another student.

For the official policies on academic integrity and scholastic dishonesty, please refer to Chapter 11 of the Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities.

Why Is Academic Integrity So Important?

One significant reason concerns the University's educational mission. Quite simply, educational objectives cannot be meaningfully fulfilled without strict adherence to the standard of academic integrity. Acts of academic dishonesty not only undermine the learning process and disadvantage students who earn credit honestly, but also subvert key responsibilities of the academic enterprise, such as the assessment and certification of students' scholastic progress and claimed educational achievements. Too costly to ignore, these and other consequences of academic dishonesty clearly underscore the importance of academic integrity.

Academic integrity is just too valuable for academic dishonesty to be tolerated at the University!

Upholding this standard of conduct is also a minimal requirement for "a university of the first class," the honored distinction envisioned for our institution by the authors of the Texas Constitution of 1876. Many impressive accomplishments have earned that status over time and continue to do so, such as the University's distinguished efforts in developing and advancing knowledge. All participants—including students—must rigorously and consistently observe an exemplary standard of academic integrity in their contributions to this complex, interdependent process that cannot function effectively in the absence of honesty.

So, as vital members of the University community, you and other students share a vested interest in striving to achieve and maintain a prevailing norm of academic integrity on this campus.