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The Sorority and Fraternity Life Awards

Presented by Sorority and Fraternity Life and Order of Omega

Sorority and Fraternity Life along with Order of Omega are proud to present the applications for the 2017 Sorority and Fraternity Life Awards.

The Sorority and Fraternity Life Awards are designed to recognize outstanding Greek individuals, chapters, and advisors. The awards celebrate the achievements of our Greek community with award categories in service, scholastic achievement, community building, and leadership. In addition, new awards have been created this year to recognize an Outstanding Sorority / Fraternity Member of the Year, Outstanding Chapter of the Year, Outstanding Advisor / Alumni Volunteer, and Outstanding Council of the Year to name a few.

The Sorority and Fraternity Life Awards will be presented at the Evening of the Stars on April 18, 2017. The attire for the event is business casual. Invitation and RSVP will be sent at a later date.

Important Application Instructions

  • The awards applications closed on March 3, 2017.
  • Awards are for programs and accomplishments that have taken place between January 2016 and December 2016. Programs outside this time period will not be considered.
  • Individual students may NOMINATE themselves or other students for Individual Awards.
  • Please ensure that the names of both applicants and organizations are spelled correctly. The information provided is what will be printed on the winner's award.
  • Quality of the application (including writing and proper use of grammar) as well as the level of details and information provided will be crucial components in rating the application. Therefore it is advised that the application is thorough and well written.
  • All of the questions must be answered COMPLETELY. Please limit each response to 600 words.

Award Categories and Criteria

Outstanding Council of the Year Award

This award recognizes the council that has demonstrated commitment to all the following sorority and fraternity life values:

  • Outstanding Service
  • shows exemplary commitment to serving the community
  • Scholastic Achievement
  • exhibits special interest in scholarly excellence
  • Community Building
  • demonstrates efforts in building community across chapters and councils
  • Outstanding Leadership
  • displays a high level of leadership development in the organization

All four of the essay sections in the application must be completed in order to be considered for the Outstanding Council Award.

Chapter Awards

These awards recognize individual chapters demonstrating efforts in the following four categories:

  • Outstanding Service Award
  • The fraternity or sorority chapter at UT Austin that displays exemplary work actively serving the community. This organization advances the interest of Sorority & Fraternity Life and promotes a positive community image.
  • Scholastic Achievement Award
  • The sorority or fraternity chapter displays a special interest in advancing the scholarly excellence of its members, as well as a high cumulative grade point average.
  • Community Building Award
  • The sorority or fraternity chapter displays a genuine effort in building community among its own members and across the sorority and fraternity population.
  • Outstanding Leadership Award
  • The chapter displays a high level of leadership development within the organization, the sorority and fraternity community, and the UT community.

Chapters are eligible for the Outstanding Chapter Award if they submit an application for each of the four categories.

Individual Awards

These awards recognize individuals in the sorority and fraternity community that exemplify a special commitment to the following values:

  • Outstanding Service Award
  • This award recognizes the individual sorority or fraternity member committed to outstanding service to the community.
  • Scholastic Achievement Award
  • This award recognizes a sorority or fraternity member that displays outstanding scholastic achievement and dedication to their academic endeavors.
  • Community Building Award
  • This award recognizes a sorority or fraternity member that displays efforts in building community among members within her/his own sorority or fraternity organization and among members across the sorority and fraternity organizations.
  • Outstanding Leadership Award
  • This award recognizes a sorority or fraternity member that displays outstanding leadership within her or his organization as well as within the UT Austin community.

Individuals are eligible for Outstanding Sorority Member of the Year or Outstanding Fraternity Member of the Year if they submit an application for each of the four categories.

Additional Awards

  • Outstanding Fraternity / Sorority New Member
    • This award recognizes a new member of a fraternity or sorority (within their first year of membership) for their contribution to their chapter, the Greek Community, the University, and their potential for further leadership. This individual should exemplify the meaning of commitment, sincerity, and community participation.
  • Outstanding New Member Program
    • This award recognizes a chapter that stimulates the development of new members' understanding of their chapters' core values and mission by providing resources, workshops, and educational opportunities.
  • Outstanding Advisor / Alumni Volunteer
    • This award will be given to an advisor or alumni volunteer who has served as a role model for organization members in her/his advisory capacity and in her/his personal and professional life.
  • Outstanding Social Responsibility
    • The organization receiving this award is one who, over the past year, has demonstrated a commitment to the responsible hosting of social events, the education of its membership on risk management issues, and places an emphasis on internal accountability.
  • Outstanding Fraternity / Sorority President
    • This award recognizes a Chapter President who demonstrates outstanding chapter leadership, motivational ability, strong character, and commitment to their chapter and community. The recipient is a positive role model that has served as president during the 2015-2016 term.
  • Order of Omega Academic Scholarships
    • This award will recognize individuals that received a scholarship from the Order of Omega headquarters.
  • Outstanding Order of Omega Member
    • An outstanding Order of Omega member is an individual recognized for their dedication to academic achievement.
  • Order of Omega Outstanding Faculty Member
    • This award recognizes a Faculty member for their hard work and dedication toward furthering the scholastic endeavors of our students, specifically in the areas of academic support and development, as well as the Greek community.
  • Hyperion Awards
    • The Greek work Hyperion means "Titan of Light." The Hyperion Award, coordinated by Sorority and Fraternity Life, is a way to honor these "Titans of Light." The award is presented annually to fraternity and sorority members who exhibit excellence within their chapters in addition to attaining high academic achievement and contributing to the UT Austin community. This award is an excellent opportunity to recognize our students who may not otherwise receive acknowledgment for their accomplishments.