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Student Safety Topics

In partnership with technical experts from across the Forty Acres, Student Activities' Program Safety Education Services offers workshops and presentations on a variety of safety topics. We also provide educational resources that student leaders and registered student organization advisers can present to their organization's members at convenient times and locations.

Alcohol Possession and Abuse
Discusses alcohol possession and abuse within the context of student organizations; provides information on university rules and best practices for hosting events involving the presence of alcohol; and addresses alcohol abuse.

Behavior at Parties and Other Events
Discusses appropriate behavior and safety at parties and other events, particularly those involving the presence of alcohol. Topics include offensive party themes and stereotypes; responding to a crisis; tips for hosting events with alcohol; and how to confront inappropriate behavior.

Children and Youth Programs
Provides resources for individuals working with children and youth; and tips for students providing tutoring and mentoring services to minors off campus. Includes child protection training.

Drug Possession and Abuse
Discusses illegal drug possession, use, and abuse within the context of student organizations. It provides information about university rules; best practices for preventing drugs from affecting your organization and how to intervene when someone has a drug problem.

Fire and Life Safety
Provides an overview of the campus emergency preparedness resources available to students and registered student organizations; includes information about the Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL); emergency communication systems; and Live Safe, building evacuation plans and weapons possession on campus.

Governing Documents
Provides an overview of the operational documents used by registered student organizations, the benefits of having governing documents and tips for drafting a constitution and/or bylaws for your organization.

Hazing Prevention
Discusses how to help educate the members of your organizations about the dangers of hazing and ways to eliminate hazing through education. Discusses the definition of and reasons for hazing; consequences under state law and university rules; and ways to challenge and prevent the culture of hazing.

Sexual Assault
Discusses facts about sexual assault; ways to reduce risks to yourself and the members of your organization; and appropriate ways to support a survivor of sexual assault. Discusses important definitions, university policies, reporting an incident and prevention strategies.

Sexual Harassment
Provides an overview of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. Discusses important definitions, university policies, reporting an incident and prevention strategies.

Student Organization Travel
Discusses safe air and vehicle travel practices as they relate to student organization travel to events more than 25 miles away from the UT Austin campus. Provides information and resources on planning safe trips, responding to emergencies and compliance with the university's state-mandated travel policy.