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Safety Education Program Training Modules

Welcome! You have accessed the training hub for the Safety Education Program Online Training Modules. This portal provides access to the nine (9) required online safety modules - a separate window will appear when you click on one of the topics below.

At the end of each module, you will be required to pass a multiple-choice assessment. You must score an 80% or better (4 out of 5 questions) correctly to receive credit for each module. If you do not pass a test on the first attempt, you can retake the module as many times as you need to until you achieve a passing score. A web page with your name, UT EID and score will appear when you pass each module!

If you do not get a confirmation page or experience other technical difficulties, please click here.


Safety Education Program Component Completion Schedule

Component Due Dates For Spring RSOs/SSOs
1. Complete Acknowledgement Statements February 7, 2014
2. Complete the Eight Online Training Modules February 7, 2014
3. Register Online for Active Bystander Training February 7, 2014
4. Attend Active Bystander Training Date of Scheduled Workshop
5. Complete the Online Followup Survey April 11, 2014
6. Train Your Student Organization's Full Membership April 11, 2014
7. Complete the Online Presentation Certification Form April 11, 2014
8. Complete Registered Student Organization Registration Process April 18, 2014
9. Update your RSO/SSO's Hornslink page April 18, 2014