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2014 Freshman Summer Orientation

New Student Services has increased capacity at all six June and July orientation sessions for the Class of 2018. Visit and register as soon as possible. Spaces are filled on a first-come, first-reserved basis. If you have questions, please call New Student Services at 512-471-3304 during business hours, Monday – Friday.

Who is eligible to register for Summer Orientation?

  • Fall freshman students who have been admitted/accepted into a specific college or school within UT Austin; and who have
  • Satisfied the Enrollment Deposit

All entering fall freshman students are required to complete a series of online modules prior to attending orientation. These modules contain information essential to your transition to the university. You will receive an email when you are able to access them. Please note: if you do not complete these modules you will not be able to check-in to orientation.

There are several orientation sessions designed to meet the needs of freshmen. While participating in Summer Orientation, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the campus, meet other new students, meet with an academic advisor and register for classes for the fall semester.

Because Summer Orientation sessions are designed to meet the needs of two distinct groups of students, freshmen are not allowed to attend transfer orientation sessions and transfer students are not allowed to attend freshmen orientation sessions. No exceptions are made.

Session Dates

In which session(s) is my college represented?

June 4–6, 2014 (Wednesday - Friday)
Colleges/schools represented at this session:

June 9–11, 2014 (Monday - Wednesday)
Colleges/schools represented at this session:

June 16–18, 2014 (Monday - Wednesday)
Colleges/schools represented at this session:

June 23–25, 2014 (Monday - Wednesday)
Colleges/schools represented at this session:

June 30–July 2, 2014 (Monday - Wednesday)
Colleges/schools represented at this session:

July 7-9, 2014 (Monday-Wednesday)
Colleges/schools represented at this session:

What if I can't attend one of the Summer Orientation sessions?

  • Attend Late Summer Orientation, August 20–22, 2014
  • Registration opens on July 7, 2014 at
  • All freshmen are required to attend an orientation session, prior to the start of classes in the fall


  • Orientation Fee: $221

Housing Accommodations and Food

  • Staying in on–campus housing is required for Freshman, and includes two nights lodging and a meal card worth $34.50 in Conference $$$
    • Conference Meal $$$ are normally sufficient, if you run out of Conference $$$ you may pay with cash or credit card
    • Use the Conference Meal Card at any Housing and Food Service dining facility on the first floor of Jester Center
  • Students will be housed by college and gender as they move through the housing check-in
  • Accommodations are NOT provided before or after your session
  • Accommodations are NOT provided for parents, family members or friends
  • Click here to read the frequently asked questions about the on-campus housing requirement for orientation

Registering and Paying

Do I need to register for orientation?

  • To attend you must register and pay by the payment due date
  • Registration becomes available starting Monday, February 3, 2014 and is opened daily from 8 a.m.–midnight, CST
  • Spaces for each session are limited and are filled on a, "first-respond, first-reserve" basis
  • No waiting lists are maintained
    • When a session closes, it has reached its capacity, and you must select a session that is available, or attend the Late Summer Orientation
  • The Registration System closes eight calendar days prior to the start of each session

What information do I need to register for an orientation session?

  • Your UT EID and password to register for orientation on the New Student Services website

Where do I register online for Summer Orientation?

How do I confirm my registration?

What information do I need after I register?

  • To see detailed information on where to go, what time to check-in, what to bring, etc., click here.

Payment Method and Information

Payment by Credit Card

  • Credit cards accepted: American Express, MasterCard or Discover only
  • Payment can be made:
  • When payment is approved, you will receive an authorization code confirming the transaction
  • Payment is due within 30 days of your registration
  • Avoid registration cancellation. Payment has to be posted to your orientation account by the payment due date, shown on your Orientation Status Page

Payment by check or money order

  • Mail to:
    • The University of Texas at Austin, P.O. Box 7398, Austin, Texas 78713-7398
    • Include student name, UT EID and the word "Orientation" on the check or money order
  • Your payment is due within 30 days from the date of your registration
    • Payment has to be posted to your orientation account by the payment due date shown on your Orientation Status Page to avoid cancellation

Making Changes to and/or Cancelling your Reservation

Can I cancel or change my registration information?

  • You may access the online registration systems up to eight calendar days before your assigned session
  • Session changes are made only if there is space available at the time of your request
  • To make changes and/or cancel your orientation reservation click here
    • You will need your UT EID and password
    • Select the "Cancel Reservation" or "Change Reservation" button for the action you need to take
      • If you switch your session check your Orientation Status Page to make sure the change was processed
      • If you cancel your reservation the reservation system will provide a message that your orientation was cancelled

Orientation Refunds

  • The online registration system will process refunds up to eight calendar days before your assigned session
  • Refunds will be mailed approximately two to four weeks from the date of cancellation
  • If you do not cancel your orientation reservation at least eight days before your assigned session, you will not be eligible for a refund
  • To access the page to cancel your orientation reservation click here
    • You will need your UT EID and password
    • Select the "Cancel Reservation" button to process

Testing Information

What tests are offered during Orientation?

  • French, German, and Spanish
    • Tests are administered by Student Testing Services (STS)
    • Tests are designed to award college credit (and placement) in subjects in which students already have proficiency
    • If needed, you may register for these tests during your Summer Orientation Registration
  • You may be exempt from the tests listed above based on:
    • Satisfactory scores on the Advanced Placement examinations
    • Satisfactory scores on the International Baccalaureate examinations
    • College-level transfer credit
  • Information about test fees is available from CTL/Student Testing Services website
  • TSI Assessment
    • Based upon your high school exit level TAKS scores, you may be exempt from taking the TSI Assessment
    • You can preregister for the TSI Assessment through the New Student Services, Summer Orientation registration
    • Contact the Texas Success Initiative office at or call 512-232-7146

How do I know which, if any, placement tests I should take at orientation?

  • Refer to the CTL/Student Testing Services website to
    • Obtain helpful information about placement tests
    • Find out which tests are recommended for some students
    • Visit the CTL/Student Testing Services website, or call 512-232-2662 for more information
    • New Student Services does not advise students on testing inquiries

Sending Scores and Retaking Tests

  • Any tests accepted for credit at UT Austin
    • Be sure to request that the scores be sent to UT Austin (code 6882)
  • If you took any tests at a College Board test center and you want to improve your scores
    • Some of these tests can be retaken at UT Austin
    • UT Austin will accept the highest scores

Testing After Orientation

  • More testing options
    • Available at the beginning of the fall semester, or at other testing periods during the school year
    • Visit the CTL/Student Testing Services website for more information about tests accepted for credit and offered on campus in the fall

Class Registration

  • Class Registration will take place on the last day of your orientation session
  • You will register for classes between 11 a.m.–noon
  • Only students are allowed to enter the designated registration area
  • All bars (if any) must be cleared prior to registration
  • Use your laptop or tablet to register for classes
    • Directions on how to access the university wireless network will be provided at one of the orientation wing meetings

Required Meningococcal Vaccine

Are there immunization requirements I have to meet before I can register for classes?

  • Entering UT Austin students who will be age 21 or younger on the first day of classes of fall 2014 (08/27/14) are barred from registering for classes unless
    • They have had a meningococcal (bacterial meningitis) vaccine, and
    • The vaccine was administered within five years of the first day of classes of fall 2014 (on or after 08/27/09)
  • Submit your documentation to UHS at least two weeks before your registration date
  • Make a copy of the documents you send to UHS, and bring it with you to orientation
  • Go to for details about
    • Exclusions and possible exemptions
    • Acceptable documentation to prove vaccination or exemption
    • How to submit your documentation
    • How to check whether it has been processed by UHS
  • International students have additional medical clearance requirements. Find them at
    • If you can't satisfy the requirements beforehand, call University Health Services at 512-475-8301 to schedule an appointment on or before the first day of orientation
    • Call ahead as appointments are limited. Charges apply

Special Arrangements and Accommodations during Orientation

Require accommodations due to a documented disability?

  • Contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), at 512-471-6259 or 512-410-6644 (Video Phone), Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Request housing accommodations during orientation, complete form at
  • SSD assists students with AD/HD, learning disabilities, medical conditions, physical disabilities, visual disabilities, psychological disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, autistic spectrum disorder and temporary disabilities, as well as students who are deaf and hard of hearing
  • Requests for accessible copies of orientation publications or interpreter services
    • Submit request no less than two weeks before your assigned session
    • Submit request to New Student Services. New Student Services office hours are Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m., 512-471-3304
  • Attendant care is not provided
  • If you need special assistance during orientation testing
    • Information must be on file with SSD
    • Then contact CTL/Student Testing Services or call 512-232-2662
    • Submit request no less than two weeks before your assigned session

Travel Arrangements, Check-in and Check-out

When should I make travel plans?

  • Make travel plans after you receive confirmation of your orientation registration
  • Check-in at Beauford H. Jester Center (JES) from 7:30-9:30 a.m., on the first day of your session
  • Check-out is no later than 1 p.m. on the final day of orientation
  • Airline flight arrangements need to be made sometime after 2 p.m.