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Make new friends and expand your social network all while developing your skills as a leader with LEAP!

Leadership Education and Progress (LEAP) is a first-year leadership development experience that provides an opportunity for participants to interact with active student leader mentors (LEAP Mentors) and build a theoretical foundation of ethical leadership practices. LEAP is an eight-week workshop series held in both the fall and spring semesters, and includes a Kick-off event, a social, and a Graduation*.

*Participants cannot have missed more than two sessions to be eligible for graduation.

Participants, often referred to as LEAPers, will have the opportunity to meet influential leaders in the UT community and develop personal leadership skills, as well as creating a large network amongst fellow student leaders. With the guidance of LEAP Mentors, LEAPers create and set goals to maximize their growth at UT.

Through the LEAP experience, LEAPers will gain:

  • A theoretical foundation for leadership based on the Social Change Model.
  • An understanding of core values.
  • A framework for ethical and inclusive leadership.
  • Conflict resolution skills.

Meet the LEAP Mentors.

LEAP Application forms are now open for the Spring 2015 semester! Apply here:

Take a look at the Fall 2014 LEAP experience!