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The Leadership and Ethics Institute in the Office of The Dean of Students offers a variety of on-demand leadership development workshops for students and organizations on The Forty Acres. Over the course of your requested workshop, participants will explore the leadership competencies necessary to become an ethical and socially responsible on campus and in their communities. Workshops range from 60-90 minutes and can be tailored by The Leadership and Ethics Institute to fit your needs. Build your leadership capacity as an individual or group and by request a workshop today!

Build Your Leadership Brand

In order to build your leadership brand, you need to explore, identify, and communicate your ways of moving through the world. In this workshop, participants will complete The True Colors™ assessment. By participating in the workshop students will gain insight into their leadership identity and learn how to effectively work alongside others.

Lead with Courage

When individuals think, feel, and behave in ways consistent with their values, they enhance their capacity for personal authenticity and ethical leadership. In this workshop, you will learn how to consistently utilize your values as guideposts to advance your groups, teams, and communities.

Become an Inclusive Leader

Perspective-taking is a central component of ethical, socially responsible leadership. Delivered through the lens of social justice, this workshop provides participants the opportunity to explore their social identities by engaging cross-culturally with peers. Through this workshop, students will begin integrating their social identities with their leadership style and enhance their capacity for inclusive leadership.

Practice The Art of Dialogue

Employers consistently name effective communication among the top five competencies necessary to be a successful leader in the workplace. In this workshop, participants will build a toolkit of skills to engage their peers and colleagues in dialogue, not debate.

Leading With Your Strengths

Through this workshop, participants will explore their strengths to build self-awareness and learn how these strengths relate to leadership in both a personal and team setting. Prior to this session, participants are required to complete the CliftonStrengths assessment in order to learn their top five strengths. Codes can be purchased at and assessments must be completed one week prior to the workshop.

Note: Groups are responsible for purchasing the codes and administering the assessment. Information on pricing can be found at