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For Students

"My house burnt down and they helped me buy my books back in no time at all. They really helped me get back on my feet and not miss a beat in school."

- Anonymous

You do not have to be in crisis to seek help from Student Emergency Services. Our staff is here to guide you to the appropriate resources for any of the concerns you may experience.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday – Friday (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) - SES staff is available to assist with any student concern or emergency either by walk-in (SSB 4.104) or by appointment. Appointments can be made online or by contacting 512-471-5017.
  • After hours, weekends, and University holidays – Please call UTPD at 911 or Counseling and Mental Health Center Crisis Line, 512-471-2255.
  • 24 Hours – UTPD at 911 and the Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL), 512-232-5050, are available to assist and can contact the on-call SES staff member if necessary.

Response to Student Needs

  • Death of a Student
    If you have recently experienced the loss of a friend or peer, we can provide resources for grief counseling. In conjunction with the Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC), we also coordinate group counseling for residence halls, student organizations and other student communities.
    • Flag Lowering Ceremony: Upon the family's request, Student Emergency Services also coordinates a flag lowering ceremony for current students who have passed away. During the ceremony, the Texas flag is lowered by the University of Texas Honor Guard and is flown at half-mast for the remainder of the business day. Although the flag can be lowered without the presence of others, many families and friends choose to attend and speak at the ceremony, which is coordinated and held within 60 days after the Office of the Dean of Students is notified of the student's death.
  • Mental Health
    Although our office does not offer counseling, we can provide a list of campus and community resources. We can also notify your instructors, supervisors, roommates, and necessary university officials of your absence, and assist you with transitioning back into your environment.
  • Emergency Funds
    SES operates the Student Emergency Fund (SEF), which provides limited financial assistance to students experiencing an unexpected financial crisis. Funds are not considered a loan and do not require repayment to the University. For information on the SEF and to apply for assistance, proceed to the following link,
  • Emergency Housing
    SES coordinates with the Division of Housing and Food Service to provide short-term emergency shelter (when available). In addition, SES can provide information on community resources which also address emergency housing needs.
  • Illness/Injury
    • Absence from class or University employment – SES can discretely notify faculty, staff, and other University officials of your absence.
    • Students living on-campus -SES also works with Housing staff to seek additional accommodations within the residence halls.
    • Mobility impairment – SES can provide the use of a manual wheelchair, for a limited duration, at no cost (when available).
  • Concerns about Academic Performance
    We can facilitate communication with academic advisors and professors to determine the best option for you, given your particular situation. We can also work with other UT Austin offices to provide resources for tutoring and other assistance. In some cases, this may include helping you find appropriate resources (a tutor in a specific field, Services for Students with Disabilities, etc.) or arranging for free tutoring at the Sanger Learning and Career Center.
  • Personal or Family Emergency
    SES is available to discuss your concerns, notify faculty and staff of your absence, and provide information regarding campus and community resources available to assist you.
  • Absence from Class
    SES can discretely notify faculty, staff, and other University officials of your absence due to illness, injury, personal or family emergencies. While SES can provide advocacy, it is ultimately at the discretion of faculty and staff as to whether accommodations will be provided. Documentation of your circumstances will be requested.