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What is Intergroup Dialogue (IGD)?

Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) is a social justice education program that connects theory and experiential learning to facilitate students learning about social group identity, social inequality, and intergroup relations. The program, offered by the Office of the Dean of Students and the Department of Educational Psychology, prepares students to live and work in a diverse world and educates them on how to make decisions that promote equity, justice and peace.  IGD is available to all undergraduate students at The University of Texas at Austin.

Two classes are offered to students interested in learning more about issues related to diversity, social justice and intercultural education, EDP 210 and EDP 369K.  Course instructor approval is not needed and students may register for these for-credit classes during their assigned course registration times.

For students who have mastered EDP 369K and have been selected to teach EDP 210, course instructor approval is necessary to register for EDP 469K.

Please refer to the list of courses under the Department of Educational Psychology for more information on which courses are offered each semester.

Contact Intergroup Dialogue at or 512-471-9700 for more information.

EDP 210 Intergroup Dialogue

EDP 210, taught by students for students, is a class that explores social identities defined by gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, physical ability and age. Dialogue topics change every year.

Through discussions of reading materials and experiential exercises, students examine similarities and differences among and across groups, and strive to gain a deeper understanding of individual and group identity, diverse perspectives, and the experiences of specific social groups.

Any UT Austin undergraduate, regardless of academic major, social identities and level of knowledge about diversity issues, is welcome to register for this class!

EDP 369K Training Processes in Intergroup Dialogue

EDP 369K is a unique class designed to provide the foundational skills and knowledge needed to facilitate multicultural group interactions, particularly intergroup dialogues. Topics include basic group facilitation skills; social identity and group development; prejudice and stereotyping; privilege and oppression; intergroup communication; conflict intervention; and community building techniques.

This is an opportunity for students to expand their own self-awareness and potentially have an impact on the identity development and multicultural understanding of other students. Through the training course, students will develop valuable life skills in communication, group dynamics, teamwork, facilitation and other valuable areas.

Looking for ways to make a difference at The University of Texas at Austin? This class may be an opportunity to do so!

EDP 469K Practicum in Facilitating Intergroup Dialogue

EDP 469K is a practicum required for peer facilitators who have been selected to facilitate the EDP 210 class. Students selected for this practicum demonstrate responsibility, commitment to the pursuit of social justice, and a desire to teach, learn and grow with others.

Through the training course and peer facilitator role, students develop valuable life skills in communication, group dynamics, teamwork, facilitation and other valuable . Peer facilitators are supervised by university instructors, with whom they are required to meet on a weekly basis.

Eligibility for this class is restricted to students who have completed the EDP 369K course. For more information, please contact Dr. DeAunderia Bowens at

Our Spring 2014 Peer Facilitators

Maya Brown
Photo of Maya Brown
Samantha Robles
Photo of Samantha Robles