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Report a Student Organization Incident

This form will allow you to submit a report regarding a student organization at The University of Texas at Austin. Such reports may include information regarding risky behavior, dangerous activities, activities involving physical or emotional injury, and/or hazing.

Your report may result in an investigation by the Office of the Dean of Students into the alleged incident. Every attempt will be made to keep all information submitted in this form confidential.

Please note that false reports impede the ability of the Office of the Dean of Students to meaningfully conduct investigations of legitimate incidents. Knowingly submitting a false report or misuse of this University form will result in disciplinary action.

Contact Information

Please note that you may choose to submit an anonymous report. However, this may impede our ability to fully investigate the matter, as it is often necessary to ask clarifying questions of the person submitting a report to our office. Proving your contact information will allow us to conduct a more thorough investigation.

Type of Incident (select all that apply)

Incident Information

Was alcohol involved in this incident?        
Was anyone hurt or injured during this incident?        
Were the police involved?        

Please provide as much detail about the incident as possible. Be as specific as you can be including names where necessary.

Upload supporting documents (e.g. screenshots, photos, Word documents, etc.)

The above information is a true and accurate account of the events described. I understand that my failure to provide honest, accurate, and complete information is a violation of the University's Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities and may result in disciplinary action.  

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